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Riverside County Hazardous Tree Abatement Program


MAST members have removed more than 1.5 million dead trees

MAST members have removed more than 1.5 million dead trees.

Change in Focus

The Mountain Area Safety Task force has shifted its focus from the removal of dead, dying and diseased trees to thinning green vegetation to help prevent a catastrophic wildfire.

Having removed more than 1.5 million dead or diseased trees from the mountain regions, MAST is now concentrating its fire prevention efforts on the strategic removal of "green fuel” to protect high-risk areas.

MAST is also encouraging property owners to thin green vegetation on their property to reduce the fire hazard and create a defensible space. For more information, go to the Defensible Space and Healthy Forest sections of this website.

Dead trees that pose an immediate danger to property or access roads will still be removed, and MAST expects the removal of hazardous trees registered prior to the June 30, 2007, deadline to continue through the end of 2008.


Dead Tree Removal

If you have dead trees on your property and believe these trees pose an immediate threat, you should contact:


San Bernardino County Hazardous Tree Abatement Program
(909) 867-1240


If the trees do not pose an immediate threat, it is your responsibility to have them removed. You should contact a licensed contractor to have the trees removed.


Tree removal contractors approved by San Bernardino County Fire Department (downloadable PDF file, 32 KB)


Trees Near Power Lines

If you have hazardous trees near power lines, you should contact your local utility company:

Southern California Edison Tree Removal Program
(800) 640-3652


Bear Valley Electric Company
(909) 866-4678 or (800) 808-BVES


Working together, we can help prevent catastrophic wildfires.



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